Friday, July 31, 2009

The Great Commission

Bloggers are having fun with the Great Commission Resurgence called for by leaders in the Southern Baptist Convention. Some are writing favorably and some not so favorably concerning the document laying out ten commitments believed to be necessary for a Great Commission Resurgence. The manuscript mentioned can be viewed here,

Regardless where you stand concerning the GCR effort we are still called to fulfill the Great Commission. May we join in prayer concerning the Church and the Great Commission. When the United States are among the top three in most lost souls we should be greatly disturbed as believers. The Great Commission begins at home, but that is never a reason to not evangelize the people of the world. We should not strive to stop world missions because of our sin. The goal should be to repent of the sin, get it right at home and be vigilant in spreading the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Their is a Great Commission still before us. It has not been removed. May we be active in the commission, reliant upon the Commissioner and ready to go where commissioned!!

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