Friday, November 6, 2009

ATM Christianity (not what you think)

When you open a checking account you put money in. It is your money. Your ATM card comes in the mail. On it is a number to call and activate your card. Once your card is activated you can begin using it to make purchases through your account. When you were saved you were given a Heavenly Account. It is your duty now to follow through.

First you must look at your statement to find what you have in your free account. The Bible is your statement. All sins are wiped off the ledger and you have been given everything that belongs to Christ. If you have not read the statement (Scriptures) you have been missing out on the Heavenly Account awarded you at Faith in Christ!

Your account must be activated. You have a Father with your best interest in mind. He activated it for you. This took place on the day of Pentecost. The Holy Ghost was given to all who believe. You received this personal account administrator on the day you believed. Your account has been activated. You now have access to all the Father has gifted to you. But maybe you didn’t know this. Probably because you haven’t been reading your statement (Bible)!

Now you have the account. You are aware of its activation. What are you waiting on? Now is the time to spend some Heavenly money. It is yours, but it is for a specific purpose. As believers we belong to a faraway place called Heaven. Our account is for the purposes of Heaven. We are given all we have for the work and enjoyment of the place where we will spend eternity. We are not given our resources for poor stewardship in earthly purposes.

Believers are of a far country. The place is Heaven. Our home is eternal. We are to be workers for the Kingdom of God. All we have is for that purpose. Our Father leaves us without need when it comes to our service to and fellowship with Him. Until we open His record of our account we don’t know what we have to accomplish what He has planned for us to do. If we were account managers in any worldly firm and had this record we would be fired immediately!! Thank God we serve a forgiving and merciful God!

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