Sunday, January 3, 2010

Support your local Children's Home

Serving New Bethel Baptist Church as pastor affords many wonderful new found friendships to my family and I. Our relationship with the Alabama Baptist Children's Home and Family Ministries ( has been a blessing. Each year we have Bro. Steve Sellers preach for us and tell us what is happening with Abchome&fm.You can count on tears flowing. You can rejoice in the hope God provides to children through this wonderful ministry.

If you haven't had someone from your local Children's Home visit your church I encourage you to ask your pastor if it is ok with him if you do a little research and get the contact info. If you are in Alabama I am happy to help you with that info.

When Steve preaches at New Bethel we always take up a love offering for him to take back to the children's home. The service they provide to tomorrow's leaders is worth every penny you can give, each drop of sweat you can put into them and all the prayers you will offer up on their behalf.

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